There are babies everywhere – actually everywhere!

It must be my age! Disclaimer: I don’t want any, thank you very much, I love being an auntie who thinks its acceptable to have choccies before dinner and all but – there are babies everywhere!

Nephew number 2 – to be named Morgan Flynn O’Riordan, and will therefore grow up to be a pirate, is due sometime between next week and the next three. Mic and Tracy from Wire Jesus are waiting for a baby in May, the lovely Munday folk are expecting a little ninja baby in August, German Sven from York will be a dad in September, Jen from the ADS and Natasha from the IFA are also about to have babies.

That is 6 new little people this year. 6!

Whilst, this is all very exciting, and I am pleased for everyone, I kind of feel like soon those of us without babies will be in minority. Even some of my closest, oldest friends are going to start trying for babies soon! Madness I tell you!

It means I shall have to start frantically knitting funky baby things and buying noisy toys that are made especially to annoy parents, and always having chocolate around just in case one of said small children appears.

Now, I’m off to toys’r’us for some of that Indiana Jones Lego, they’re never too young for Lego!

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