Missing my nephews and epic water pistol fights.

I realised today, as I was baking in the sweltering heat of the office, that I really miss Scotland. More specifically, my nephews. I was up there last weekend and it was so much fun. We went to the Kelvingrove, the park, ate dinosaur shaped cake, had endless battles with Decepticons and other baddy robots and the most epic water pistol fight I’d had since primary school.
Nephew number 1 about to hunt some Decepticons
Now, back in sunny Reading, I have the office approaching 30 degrees, lots of work, talks and conference papers to write and university politics to deal with. Hurrah. Not the happiest of bunnies. A water pistol fight would have been just the thing to cool off earlier but I don’t think that the cleaner lady would have taken too kindly to gallons of water all over the allen lab.

I like my job (most of the time!) but the south just isn’t appealing. I love my friends down here and we do have the odd bit if fun in amongst work but something is missing. Not sure what that exactly is but I didn’t feel like this in York. I loved York, and its currently rising up the list of places I want to try and find a job come next year.

Also, you can buy potato scones and decent black pudding in York!

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  1. Kirsty said:

    Personally, I don’t miss Glasgow. Nothing about it. Not a thing. Except my mum, obv.

    And except potato scones. After three years in Oxford, I finally found some in Tesco’s in Oxford, except they were called potato CAKES. Devious swines. They are potato scones though.

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