Back from Dublin, poorer due to the price of Guinness but happier

Back from the World Archaeological Congress in Dublin and back on site at Silchester. And guess what? The rain followed us 😦 We finished early on sunday, half hearted digging on Monday and noone was in the trench today. Better not be a repeat of last year!

Dublin made me really happy. It was a fab place with loads to do and see and made me feel homesick for Glasgow – they seem so similar. It was just another thing that made me realise I probably don’t want to stay in the south for long after this job ends, I’d like Yorkshire at least 🙂 I guess if a great and exciting job came up then I’d stay though.

The conference was mostly cool, a lot of interesting papers and people but a few odd and a few really boring ones. The Digital Age ones had the usual GIS papers etc and nothing really struck me as revolutionary, but maybe I was just hungover a lot!

Guinness would be a lot cheaper in Glasgow too! It was at least 5 euros per pint! I’ll be going back to Glasgow for a while in August – really looking forward to that 🙂


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