BBC proof that Reading (the place, not the action) sucks.

Below are the local Reading news headlines this morning. Lovely. As I write this, I;m sitting in Edinburgh at a conference.

It may be work (technically) but this trip has again confirmed how I feel about living down south. It sucks. I walked to the venue this morning through the Meadows and it was sunny and lovely and the most noise came from the trees swooshing in the breeze. I really miss it up here.

I mean, I never thought I’d admit to liking Edinburgh, especially a ladies who lunch area like up near the Meadows and Montys. Glasgow will always win. I guess I feel like I miss the ‘other city’ more right now because it happens to be where the conference is, but also because of all the good friends I’ve got here (you know who you are!). It’s all that stuff about walking past where you used to live/eat/go shopping/ go out/whatever. I liked Edinburgh when I lived there, and even though I’ll always love Glasgow more, anything, actually anything, would be better than reading. Thank christ I’ve only got 6 months left at work here 🙂

Local reading news headlines

Local reading news headlines

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