86.5% complete and I *really* don’t want to finish Lego Indy :(

I’m nearly finished Lego Indy on the xbox and this upsets me. What will I do when it ends?! Lego Batman still has two weeks before it comes out 😦

Anyone who hasn’t seen the game, where have you been? Inspired by the Indy Lego, it came out in May but I managed some self control and didn’t buy it until after Silchester. It got 8 out of 10 on IGN and it *so* deserves it. It takes at least three goes through a level to get all the coins, treasure and artefact parts out of it. It’s just so cool, you have to play it. See my gamer score in the sidebar there? What I don’t get, is that I only have about 14% left to play but still need to unlock about 20 achievements! Where are they? There are excellent secret levels too! Lego Star Wars was really good fun but the characters are so much cooler in this, and have better personalities of their own. I can only imagine how great Batman will be! Hooray!


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