The Lunatics are taking over the Asylum – my friends in positions of power?

My friend, Laura, is a teacher and just started at a new school in Preston Pans. Primary kids, so she has quite a lot of power over their wee minds and thoughts. I got a phonecall the other day, from Tash- my academic friend. She is busy doing a phd and being very clever. Part of this involves teaching kids about battles and archaeology. Preston Pans had a big battle – you see where this is going? Tash ended up at Laura’s school to talk to the kids about the battle of preston pans!

Apart from it being odd that the two of them should end up in such an odd place together, I find this wee thing scary. Scary, because it means that I realised my friends and companions in beveraging have Positions of Power™. I realised I have quite a few teacher friends, or friends who help lecture at Universities and then I had all the students at Silchester over the last 2 summers! We, I mean the same people who regularly can’t remember what happened some nights, are responsible for helping to develop the thoughts of wee people and students (arguably the minds there aren’t too different). I find this a) encouraging, that we all managed to grow up a bit and it hasn’t been *too* scary but also b) Scary. with a capital S. The lunatics are indeed, taking over the asylum.


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