Lego Indiana – 100% done!

Lego Indiana Jones is now flashing up that I’ve done 100% of the game, a little incorrect, as there are still at least 20 acheivements I haven’t unlocked so should it really be saying 100% done? Not sure.

It was an incredibly fun game to play, with loads of laughs and movie refs which I guess woudl have been amusing even to non archaeologists 🙂 For example, Indy is, like in the films, scared of snakes. Willie still hates bugs. Gameplay wise, this means that you have to be someone else to solve a puzzle or cross a space that has snakes, adding another level of puzzles!

Free play in this is so much cooler than in Lego Star Wars and the characters so much cuter.  The replayability in trying to find every single piece of treasure and artefact is addictive, but in some levels gets really irritating when you have 9/10 and *really* can’t see the last bit (the treasure detector parcel comes in handy here). The sheer amount of unlockable characters is also excellent, with each fitting into a special ability category so that you might need an academic (Henry Jones Sr, Marcus etc), an excavator or high jumping girly to solve puzzle types.

The vehicles are also way better than in Star Wars, with loads to unlock and the vehicles are a lot easier to handle than the dodgy x, y, b wings so you can have more fun exploring the level and less frustration crashing.

The biggest downside is that the camera is still fixed, so you end up falling ledges and cliffs quite a lot because you can’t quite see where you are going. I guess in a game that is probably aimed at kids then adding a camera manipluation button might have been a bit much. Grown ups might appreciate it though!

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