Applying for Jobs and feeling queasy

Why oh why do job applications make you feel horribly queasy? You haven’t lied, you haven’t done anything wrong or stolen sweeties from a small child or granny yet the act of sealing the envelope and sending the letter to the postbox never to be seen again is horrifying. The next time someone lays eyes on it will be when they decide whether or not to shortlist you. When they are deciding your future career prospects. The other thing about the process that makes you feel odd (well me anyway) is that, reading the cover letter and application back, you seem so qualified and grown up. I know I’m not getting any younger but seeing on paper what you can apparently do just seems to add 10 years.

I have just applied for a job that I’m sure I could do, given the chance, but will I even get to that stage? I need some coffee!


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