I didn’t get the shiny new Archaeology job :(

Tomorrow is the interview day for the Manchester job, and I haven’t heard anything so I’m guessing I didn’t make the shortlist.

Annoying,  because it seemed quite cool. It was also the only, I mean only, archaeology job to apply for. With only a few weeks left of my Reading Uni contract things are not looking good. Things don’t look like they’ll pick up in the near future, so it’s just as well I have a really understanding other half. The plan now is to move in with him and make the dinner whilst he beavers away in the lab, finishing off the phd.

I’ll keep my eyes open for archaeology work, but am not hopeful, especially with more and more stories in the news like this: from todays Telegraph. I’ll need a job though, so back to the job pages for normal, non academic, non archaeology people  – its been years since I’ve had to do that! Not sure I remember how! Will I have to make a second cv, one without publications? Do I have to play down my research and teaching experience? Eeek. It’s all quite scary.

  1. matthewlaw said:

    hey, sorry to hear that. also annoyed for you that they didn’t have the courtesy to let you know.

  2. kenny said:

    Bummer about not going to Manchester. The story in the Telegraph (wouldn’t have thought you would read that paper) is glum, but I think a bit more negative that it needed to be.

    I don’t think 1 in 5 jobs will go. Nor do I think 1,000 is one fifth of 7,000, but ooh, numbers, they’re so difficult.

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