Assassinations and Biscuits

Sunday. A day for rest and relaxation. Or, as was the case today, eating yummy homemade vanilla heart biscuits with yesterdays Marmalade ice cream and playing Assassins Creed 2.

What an awesome game. Okay, so I have to play a young Italian man which is not my favourite demographic but that can’t take away from the fantastic gameplay and visually stunning scenery. Today, I’ve travelled around Florence and its hinterland trying to avenge my familys murder whilst making as much cash as I can. My favourite type of assassination so far is hiding in a haystack then thrusting my arms out, slashing a throat then pulling the body back into the haystack and then skulking away. Nice. If this sounds too mean, then a side story in the game is rebuilding an old family villa and the surrounding town. You do this by bringing money back to the villa and paying an architect. I rebuilt the brothel first and it increased the value of my town my a few hundred florins, which I then get in interest to spend on more weapons, fancier outfits – you get the picture. I started playing at teatime, then looked up and it was 10pm. How? Who knows.

I had to force myself to put the xbox controller down, but only because the dishes needed done and the washing machine emptied before tomorrow and the start of the working week. What would Ezio say?

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