A tool roll for knitting!

I knit, I don’t sew. Not sure why. But I saw a blog post (can’t remember how I came across it) about how to sew a knitting needle roll and it looked lush. Really pretty. Also, the instructions didn’t look too complicated.

I had some fabric odds kicking about, so after a trip to buy bias binding and auto hem stuff (words I never thought i’d use) it was time to crank up the sewing machine. Hours later I had the knitting equivalent of an archaeological tool roll. You aren’t getting to know how long it took because its embarrassing, I made so many mistakes with the sewing machine voodoo at first, tension, stitch length etc. But I haven’t even had time to play Assassins Creed tonight, thats how long it took!

Here are some pictures to a) admire b) ignore or c) think something along the lines of ‘Christ, Emma needs a life’. Your choice. If you knit, and I know you, and like you and you ask nicely I could even be tempted to make you one. For cake or pints probably 🙂

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