Ribbed Lace Bolero (via 10 feet high)

This is going to be my next project – a summery lacey shrug which might do for all the upcoming weddings this year. I’ve got some yummy Rowan RYC natural silk aran in pink just waiting for this. Not sure when I’ll get to start it as I’ve a lace scarf on the go already which is complicated enough but just thought I’d share the lacey joy 🙂

Ribbed Lace Bolero I’ve finished my ribbed lace bolero, with pattern as promised 😉 I decided not to give the sleeves ribbing, like most of you suggested. I liked how it was sort of dainty, even with worsted weight yarn, and I thought ribbing on the sleeves would be too heavy for it. The shape of this is based on the Circular Shrug on Craftster. It’s a simple but ingenious design. There is no complicated shaping (it’s really just a big rectangle) and it’s easily cu … Read More

via 10 feet high

  1. Rebecca said:

    That’s lovely. I might give it a shot too. Link? We could compare results. (You’re a lot more practiced than I am so you’ll come out of it miles better)

  2. Rebecca said:

    Wait, found the instructions. Too eager.

    • emmajaneoriordan said:

      Awesome! Would be lovely with one of your many pretty dresses!

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