First lace bolero

First lace bolero

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Earlier in the month, I posted about really liking the 10 foot high lace bolero. Well I’ve finished it, and I’m quite pleased – aside from the obvious mistake right across the back!

I was surprised at how quickly I could knit this up, even allowing for the miscounting leading to the few rows of fun in the middle. I really should learn my lesson about not knitting lace when watching CSI.

I found the instructions for the custom sizing slightly tricky, so in case you want to make one, and happen to be the same size as me, here are the measurements I used and the stitches cast on. Adapted from, my measurements are in pink.

The first step is to measure your shoulder-span. Mine is about 20 inches. Then you add 4 inches for each sleeve (8 inches) and add that to your shoulder measurement. I got 28 inches from that, so 28 inches will be the width of my bolero. My ribbing gauge is 4 stitches per inch, so I multiply 28 by 4 to get 112. I take that number, 112, and round it down to the next number that is a multiple of 4 +2. The next number down is 110, and that will be my cast-on number. To determine the length of my bolero, I measure the width of my upper arm, right under the armpit. Mine measures 14, and I will add 6.5 inches to that (3.25 inches on either side which I will seam together) to get my length of 20.5 inches.

First lace boleroI cast on 110 stitches.The finished bolero width is 28 inches and it is about 20.5 inches long.

If you are a Raveler, you can see the project here.

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