Dr Bicket!

Dr Bicket at graduation

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So Tuesday saw Andy become Dr Andy, a mere 7 months after the viva :p

It was a proud day, but graduating out of Loughborough University is a massively different experience from either Edinburgh (where Dr B did his undergrad) or Glasgow (where I did mine).

Firstly, the ceremony takes place in the sports hall, with only some curtains up and carpets laid down to try and disguise the fact. There appeared to be no dress code for the graduands, which meant a lot of really short (as in suitable for a gynecological exam) skirts, oompa loompa fake tans and some hideous faux paxs such as a bright red mini dress, someone else in flip flops and someone in a sort of toga like see through mini dress with sandals that would make a Roman legionnaire proud. There was a procession of important people behind the chancellor, and there was a university mace but it just didn’t look right in a hall where people play sports. The honorary degree recipients (one of whom was a climate change scientist and former White House advisor) didn’t get to speak, which would have been really interesting. The phd recipients just had their name read out like all the undergrads – whereas I distinctly remember at my undergrad ceremony that the title of phds and how long they took to complete was announced. Loughborough also appeared to have a policy of not making people who just scraped through their time there feel inadequate, so no distinctions were made between classes of degrees during the reading.

Despite all this, Dr Andy and one other geography (and real geography, not the human kind) got to don floppy hats and watch their proud parents smile at them and I felt really proud and happy, which was nice.

Another bonus of the graduation was being taken out to dinner – see the next post!

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