Homemade: Scotch Eggs and Croissants

Not together, I might add! This not having a job thing means I’ve had quite a but of time, even after tidying up the house, xbox and knitting. So, inspired by the current Waitrose Heston advert and my Mrs Beeton cookbook I got to work on some scotch eggs. Instead of the bacon and sausagemeat suggested by Mrs B or the pork sausage used by Heston, I mashed up some Aberdeen Angus Lorne Sausage for the filling. I also cooked the eggs until they were fully hard boiled, not runny yolked as both cooks suggest. We don’t have a deep fryer so a pan filled with oil had to do, which resulted in the finished scotches having a line around the middle of the breadcrumbs. Obviously this didn’t affect the taste, just the aesthetics.

The croissants were more of a challenge. The recipe comes from a breakfast book I have and sounds simple. Just flour, yeast, butter really. A lot of butter. Now I’ve made them, I’m a little bit put off croissants and think I’ll be cutting down. And having butter nightmares. The recipe was good, but took hours and hours. Fold, chill, leave, repeat became my mantra for about 3 hours. Then overnight resting, then morning rising then finally baking. Not a last minute recipe! I didn’t make a triangle template, which would have helped them look more criossanty in the end, but they tasted lush. Find a croissant recipe and give it a lazy weekend go! If you don’t have one in a book, then try this one here from the Domestic Goddess in Training. I haven’t tried her croissants but everything else I’ve ever tried from this site has worked splendidly.

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