Finally digging again…

I’ve not been blogging, because I have mostly been sleeping in my spare time. Why so tired you ask? Well, after only six weeks of job hunting and signing on I finally got a job. And it was archaeology as well – shock!

Cue a weeks digger watching in Blairgowrie for CFA. Not much to report except a victorian shovel head left in the bottom of a trench dug by navvies for the old railway. Then it was straight to Addyman Archaeology on a rolling contract to excavate a site in the Old Town of Edinburgh. It is a really cool site, right in the middle of the University and with tonnes of archaeology. Medieval cemetery, 17th century uni library and chemistry departments, Hamilton House and more. Is is awesome to be outside again, and getting paid to do something I love. The downside is the clay I seem to be constantly mattocking and the fact that my body is older and less useful than last time I had to do any hard physical labour! Luckily, the Piemaker is nearby so lunchtime rewards for mattocking are plentiful.

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