Quick Thought: Digging or Knitting?

Which is more important?

Not something I’ve ever really considered before but for the last few weeks I haven’t been able to knit and I’m left to ponder on this. I’ve been working with clay and not much else, really whacking it with a mattock. When I get home my hands are so tightened up that they look like claws and I have really bad pins and needles. I can barely hold my knife and fork let alone knitting needles. I haven’t been able to play the xbox either, so I’m getting increasingly pissed off. It is worst thing in the morning when the claws remain for a good half an hour. They seem to be okay at work, but then maybe its because I’m just trying to get on with it and think of the money and they don’t have a chance to rest. I’m off to see the Doctor about it tomorrow, more because I want to check I’m not doing any long term damage than that it hurts now. Maybe this is a window into my old age! I guess when I stop digging they’ll heal but there don’t appear to be any other jobs out there just now and I guess I should count myself lucky that i have one. at all.

Right, </rant>. I’m off to grasp a cup of tea.


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