Cookbook Binge

Waterstones have an awesome half price offer on some ‘celebrity books’ just now, which happily for me includes the new Nigella. Simply entitled ‘Kitchen‘ ( I like it for the recipes, of which 95% seem to be new for Nigella and aren’t in the other books of hers I have and Andy is loving it for the pictures of her cooking. Emphasis on the ‘her’ there. I’ve already tried the banana/cherry/coconut loaf and it was melt in the mouthy. Very similar to my usual banana bread recipe but the coconut added a nice sweetness and texture.

After the relative £13 splurge on that, the next cookbook came from a Lothian Road charity shop. The classic ‘Austrian Cooking‘ by Gretel Beer (read her interesting obituary here) – published 1954. Largely about pastries and pigs knuckles.You can’t even attempt a recipe from it without stocking up on lard, cream and rum first of all so I can’t wait to try it out at the weekend. It also includes handy austrian cookery tips, so if you didn’t know already; “remember that brushing pastries with rum before deep frying will help stop them absorbing too much fat”. Rum and pastries and deep frying – lucky for this cookbook that it ended up in Scotland!

I’ll post details/pics from any related cooking experiments when they happen – yum!

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