Fallout New Vegas: A most excellent staff benefit!

So this week saw me starting my new Christmas temp job at Game. The time of year and the slash in spending brought to culture and heritage by the Tories means that now certainly isn’t the best time to be looking for an archaeology job. Game appears so far to have lovely people to work with and lets face it, there isn’t really any sell needed as people wouldn’t be in there if they didn’t want a game of some sort. We even have something called Tractor Simulator, so there really is something for everyone.

But I digress – back to Fallout. It came out on Friday which happily was my first shift. Staff discount and one trade in card later I was home with the shiny sequel to Fallout 3 for £0.00. Woo!

On first looks it appears much like Fallout 3 but it has a lot more depth, I think. The scenery and characters are brighter, more colourful – since the nuclear fallout hasn’t hit the east coast so badly and we’re a few years further on, Vegas has electricity and lights! Stick Fallout 3 back on for a bit and the contrast between colours is marked. Scavenging becomes a much bigger deal. Sure, you can still pick up ammo and weapons around the world but the new ‘Reloading bench’ means that you can craft your own ammo from parts or breakdown unwanted bullets to turn them into something useful. High enough Science points and you can even make your own Plasma and Energy weapons. You also have to make like Ray Mears and use your survival skills at campfires dotted around the Mojave. Bring ingredients (and sometimes science or survival points) and you can cook up a healthy dinner from nothing more than a mole rat and a jalapeno. Yum. The map is much smaller than Fallout3, but so far I think its more detailed. I’ve only had about 4 hours gametime though – the joys of a one xbox household and two people wanting to play a dead courier out for revenge :p

I’m off to kick the OH off the xbox and get me some headshots.


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