Stollen attempt #1

Stollen: who doesn’t love the marzipan/rum goodness at this time of year? I get proper stollen cravings around now and so thought I’d give making my own a go. I found a few recipes and ended up trying this one:

It looks really good (if i do say so myself) but the taste is more biscuit than cake or bread. When warmed up it is delicious but is still more biscuity/harder than I think it should be. I am of course basing all my stollen prejudices on the many examples I’ve tasted in German food markets.

The only thing I can think of is that I maybe heated the milk up a bit too much when making up the yeast and killed some of it. I’m not sure. Anyways, one loaf for now and one in the freezer for christmas. I’m not put off though, and I’m going to try another Stollen recipe at the weekend: and see if that rises to the challenge a bit better (excuse the pun).

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