Fable 3: Starting again as pure evil?

I’m still playing the awesome Fable 3. I’m still on my first save game, as a wise and just Queen of Albion. I’m slowly accumulating money in the treasury to save my civilians from certain death in the big end battle. I still have a few days to go in game, but thoughts have turned to playing the game from the beginning again.

Throughout this game, I’ve pretty much played as good. Well, okay, I may have chosen not to rebuild a few things and may have slaughtered just a few innocents but overall I’m saintly. It is a brilliant, absorbing game and I like the fact that the game world is all pretty and light and shiny. Fable makes me happy. I do get in a bad mood occasionally though, in real life, and often I’d like to reflect this in Fable life.  I want the world to be dark and foreboding. I want my weapons to drip blood, not emit a halo like glow. I want scars and tattoos, not ethereal translucent skin. I might even turn the safety on the weapons off! So I’ve decided to start Fable 3 again, from the start but right from the get go make the most evil, devilish, wrong and bloodthirsty decisions that I can. I think it will be fun! Has anyone else replayed as the opposite moral standing that they started with? How did it go?

p.s I may have to resort to this page – http://fable.wikia.com/wiki/Gnomes_are_Evil! – which has been bookmarked for a few weeks now, but never read. I have 41 gnomes and am going mad, mad I tell you, trying to find the last few.

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  1. andro51 said:

    Yes this game seems to have all the content required to shape and mould one into a worthy Queen of the Realm, of course if this game is anything like Fallout 3 (Okay a completely different genre) then the good sometimes turns into the bad at the firing of a weapon in the wrong direction… lol

    However there is always some scope to make good of those evil moments, depending how one is feeling at any given moment that is, as the twists and turns that are offered throughout this amazing adventure can cast a differing light upon the game… Depending on what is deemed a nice or wicked character… Though there is definitely a lot of fun to be had nonetheless.

    I have enjoyed my stay here Emma and will try to call back again soon, if only to see if you have found those missing Gnomes… lol Just kidding, have a most exquisite start to your week and enjoy your gaming experiences too…

    Be good now… Gaming I mean? lol


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