Shameless self promotion

We Scottish folk generally aren’t that good at bigging ourselves up, but I’ve had to do it a lot recently in job applications. It makes you feel a wee bit dirty and sell out, so in an effort to prove that slef promotion needn’t always be corporate and cold, you find me now trying out self promotion of a different kind – knitting.

I love knitting. It is awesome. And, if I do say so myself, I’m getting quite good. I like knitting too much though, in some respects. I *have* to be knitting or I get fidgety. This results in a plethora of knitted things around the house that aren’t really for anyone in particular.

I have decided to set up shop, as it were, and clear out these loved but not needed things via Folksy. So, if anyone needs a baby hat\baby socks\grown up knitted things, then let me know or look here –


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