Attempting to use a sewing pattern …



Never having used an actual sewing pattern before, I thought I’d be brave this weekend. Cue breaking out the tracing paper, iron transfer pencil and headache tablets. I didn’t actually use that last item but came close! The pattern itself was straightforward to trace and cut but the sewing instructions assumed a basic level of knowledge I didn’t think they would. The pattern, from Burda, rated it a beginner’s 1 out of 4 but hardly explained anything. Considering it needs you to sew in a zip and make your own bias binding and work with ever changing seam allowances, I remain to be convinced of it’s beginners claims. It took ages, hours longer than it should have done. I’m not 100% happy with my binding on the neck nor my zip placement but I think I did good for a first attempt.

  1. By the by- Burdas instructions are akin to just being dropped in the woods with a broken compass and 3 sheets of toilet paper. I think you did very well for confronting a Burda! Whats next?

    • emmajaneoriordan said:

      Thanks! Not sure what I’ll do next but it won’t be a Burda though!

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