Good blog post to read people! Since my archaeological blog posts are likely to be thin on the ground with the imminent arrival of Sproggle, this one on publishing in archaeology is definitely worth a read.

Adventures in Archaeology, Human Palaeoecology and the Internet

I just wanted to write a quick follow up to my last post, especially to promote part of Doug Rocks-Macqueen’s comment on it:

Ubiquity press has got some funding to do some Open Access digital books. you may want to hit them up to see if they would be interested in yours.

As luck would have it, Tom Pollard of Ubiquity Press was talking at the Digital Engagement in Archaeology conference at UCL yesterday (along with Victoria Yorke-Edwards who edits the Ubiquity-published Journal of Open Archaeology Data – which I think is a great idea, and I’m going to set about attempting to contribute asap), and he did mention that they were looking to move into ebooks. Ubiquity are doing great work with open journals – especially in archaeology, and are well worth investigating.

For those interested in self-publishing, the rest of Doug’s comment is useful as well.

And, rambling…

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