Something for the weekend: The Scottish National Museum of Antiquities

Looking for somewhere to visit this coming weekend? How about doing your own mini Edinburgh History Trail? The Toddler and I like museums, so here are a few pics from our recent wanderings – maybe they’ll inspire your own visit?

This little adventure had an Antiquarian theme. I’m sure you’ve all heard of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, if not, then check out asap. The Society is now based in the National Museum of Scotland (NMS) but the accomodation history of the Society is really interesting. From the granting of the Royal Charter in 1783 to the present (2015), the Society has been housed in a number of places (see this page by the Society for more information).

These photos show some of the evidence that the Society used to have accomodation in the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, as well as a photo of the Lady History in the Grand Hall, just because The Toddler said “lady nice”. Aren’t the photos inspiring? Wouldn’t walking under that shield to gaze in wonder at the museum collection help transport you right into the collections? Wouldn’t sitting in that library just make you *want* to read and read and read? The library of the Society can still be consulted within the NMS, but at the moment visits are by appointment only (more here).

The Portrait Gallery is good, and lots to look at to entertain a Toddler. There is plenty of fun to be had climbing the stairs to the upper galleries and the star ceiling and Scottish History murals in the Grand Hall were big hits. Not buggy friendly though, they have to be folded and left at the door, so best to walk, backpack or sling little ones.

What will you discover on your adventures?


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