Trying to be Domestic: Makeover on an IKEA Lack toddler chair

The IKEA Lack toddler table and two chairs is a bargain at £20. I think its the same table and chairs that Toddler is used to at his old nursery so it made sense to get a set for the new house.


IKEA Latt table and chairs set

It is quite plain though, and with no cushioning for little Toddler bums. I’ve seen quite a few people do makeovers on the chairs so had a go myself.

I glued a piece of 1 inch foam to the chair seat and covered this with a nice star pattern fabric, held in place with a few small dots of fabric glue. Then I reassembled the chair, this is where it started to go wrong. I had to push pretty hard to get the seat and the additional 1-2mm of fabric back into the slot to hold it together. This additional 2mm was too much, and I pushed too hard so I split the wood along the front of the chair. I couldn’t glue it back together as the force of the foam meant that it wouldn’t hold. I had to use a few tacks to hold the split bit back on and it seems to be holding. I did split the wood again but heh ho.

2015-03-19 12.08.27

You can see the split here 😦

Overall, I’m pleased. Toddler now has a nice cushioned chair which only cost an extra £2 for the foam and fabric and took less than 15 minutes. I have yet to tackle the other chair, but when I do I think I’ll sand along the inside of the precut grooves to give an extra 2mm or so. At the end of the day, if the first chair doesn’t last, he’ll still have the table and once chair and we won’t have wasted any money really at all.

The new star chair and the untouched one.

The new star chair and the untouched one.


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