Full time mummy, part time archaeologist, part time knitter and xbox gamer. Now living back in the lovely city of Edinburgh after years moving around the country for the sake of being paid in Archaeology. Most of it was fun, but if you want some advice never ever live in Reading.

My money for yarn, computer games and glittery gadgets comes from working in archaeology and heritage when I can and office admin in other times, the occasional sale of knitting, and the rare stint of excavation.

At the moment, I work for the University of Edinburgh in the Medical School – organising and planning. Archaeologically, I recently finished working as the Project Assistant for ScARF (Scottish Archaeological Research Framework) and Dig It! 2015, both based at the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland.

Formerly, I’ve worked as a Research Assistant in the Department of Archaeology at the University of Reading. I worked on the Silchester project as the sort of resident geek. Before that, I was on a project called VERA and which was all about digitising archaeological information and improving the use of computers amongst archaeologists, also based at the Silchester site. I’ve also worked at the Archaeology Data Service, Internet Archaeology and at various commercial archaeology units.

Aside from archaeology and computers I also like the xbox, glitter, cake and the smell of fresh coffee in the morning. I have a massive love of knitting, despite being only in my twenties (eek I’m in my thirties now!), baking and cooking – I love being in the kitchen and collecting recipe books.

p.s The header image is from Easter 2010: I made homemade chocolate easter eggs and filled them with moulded Lego chocolate bricks and some Minifigures. Yum!

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  1. Subject: Academia.edu:Tree diagram of academics launches

    I recently finished my Ph.D on the philosophy of perception from Oxford. With a team of people from Stanford and Cambridge, I’ve just launched a website, http://www.academia.edu, which does two things:

    – It shows academics around the world structured in a ‘tree’ format, displayed according to their departmental and institutional affiliations.
    – It enables academics to see news on the latest research in their area – the latest people, papers and talks.

    We are hoping that Academia.edu will eventually list every academic in the world — Faculty members, Post-Docs, and Graduate Students. Academics can add their departments, and themselves, to the tree by clicking on the boxes.

    Academics are joining the tree rapidly. More than 15,000 academics have added themselves in the last two months. Some professors on the site include:

    – Richard Dawkins – http://oxford.academia.edu/RichardDawkins
    – Stephen Hawking – http://cambridge.academia.edu/StephenHawking
    – Paul Krugman – http://princeton.academia.edu/PaulKrugman
    – Noam Chomsky – http://mit.academia.edu/NoamChomsky
    – Steven Pinker – http://harvard.academia.edu/StevenPinker

    We’re trying to spread the word about Academia.edu, so that the site becomes as useful as possible to academics. It would be terrific if you could visit the website and help academics hear about the site by mentioning Academia.edu on your blog. Thank you very much in advance,


    Dr. Richard Price

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