Cornflour dough decorations in progress

Christmas is coming, and it will be our third with Sproggle.

Two years old is probably a good age for the festive period. He’s old enough to be excited about lights and trees and Santa but not yet swayed by adverts and the insatiable need for toys.

We made some salt dough decorations, but using bicarbonate of soda and cornflour instead of the usual recipe. Makes a whiter and smoother base to work with.

So after my blogging hiatus, what better way to start back than with some toddler based fun? I had written the weather for the day on Sproggle’s blackboard, along with a picture of a rain cloud. I thought that was a nice thing, a silly mummy thing to do on a rainy morning.


What can you spot that isn’t quite right? That’s right. You see the lightning? The jagged spikes of fiery death raining down on the people from the cloud? My son did that. A commentary on mummy’s art? A show of evil villan ness? Who knows but it is funny.


We are pretty much just waiting for Sproggle to appear now. It feels like the longest wait ever. There is nothing left to tidy in the house and since it is the weekend and the Xbox is being used by daddy to be, knitting was in order. Sproggle has so many clothes already so this waiting called for something else. Mochimochi land patterns for Lucky Stars, tiny planets and tiny rocket provided the hanging bits and yarn yard silk thread covered an embroidery hoop to hold it all. I’m pretty pleased with it, especially since it used leftover yarns which wouldn’t have been good for anything else and only took a few days. With lots of naps between 🙂

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Never having used an actual sewing pattern before, I thought I’d be brave this weekend. Cue breaking out the tracing paper, iron transfer pencil and headache tablets. I didn’t actually use that last item but came close! The pattern itself was straightforward to trace and cut but the sewing instructions assumed a basic level of …

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Knitting is my usual thing, but that dinosaur fabric you see there made me want to try sewing. Fat quarters are apparently a big deal in the sewing world but I bought that bit purely for the dinos - shallow but hey! I used the quilted playmat tutorial over at the Purl Bee with a few modifications. The backing is one piece of purple cord rather than a mirror of the front and I only quilted a few of the dinos rather than them all. I hand quilted the dino shapes and the large dino outline was done freehand whilst the hearts were done on the machine. I also sewed down the outside of the mat as well to help it keep its shape. For a first go at quilting I'm quite pleased, now to find some more dinosaur fabric!