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Cats on a windowsill

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I still want a cat, but it isn’t really practical in the city so I have become crazy knitted cat lady.

A mochimochiland pattern, these stackable cats are knit on 4.0 and 3.5 dpns. They were quick and once I’d got the hang of casting on a rectangle in the round, easy peasy. They are all missing their feet, because the pattern freaked me out there and I think they look okay without them. Super cute!

Talking of cute – check out these tiny knitted beasties:

I want a cat but this has been vetoed by the OH. So, I decided to make some squishy knitted cat friends instead. Using another fab pattern from Mochimochi land (available here to buy, just under £3 at the current exchange rate).

Instead of the recommended worsted weight wool I’m using some acrylic double knit and I won’t be felting the kitties, because felting scares me. I’ve got the mini and medium cats done so far, but with no legs. The legs have a tricky bit of ‘wrap and turn’ going on – christ knows what that means, it might as well be voodoo, so until I have been initiated into that dark art I’ll leave them partially limbless.

If you are a Raveler (and if you knit you really should be), see the project in progress here.