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Dragon Cake for Dad's 65th birthday by squeejay

It wasn’t easy to try and beat the Han Solo in Carbonite cake I made fro Dr B a few years ago, but this might be a good contender! I made it for Dad’d birthday last month.

Vanilla sponge with a strawberry and buttercream fillling for the body, a smaller round cake for the head with another half a small cake on top for the brow, cake wedges for the ail. All covered in fondant icing with added sparkles for scales.


*do a happy dance*

I realised I have 102 projects on Ravelry, so here, for you knitting folk, is a run-down. End here if you aren’t interested in knitting!

Works in progress

  • 1 of these is a long term blanket and unlikely to be finished anytime soon.
  • 1 just needs ends sewn in and blocked.
  • 1 just needs some embroidery.
  • 1 just needs a photo but the yarn isn’t playing nice with the camera.
  • only 2 need more knitting done!

Most favourited by others
Most of my projects aresn’t favourited by more than 1 person, if at all, so special mention to the following:

Personal achievements this year include a few lace shawls (for my sister and for a friend), some socks and my first felted project.

I’ve a few big plans for knitting for the rest of this year, and I feel like I’ll need to sign up to a few challenges on Ravelry before the year is out – any ideas?

I realised today, as I was baking in the sweltering heat of the office, that I really miss Scotland. More specifically, my nephews. I was up there last weekend and it was so much fun. We went to the Kelvingrove, the park, ate dinosaur shaped cake, had endless battles with Decepticons and other baddy robots and the most epic water pistol fight I’d had since primary school.
Nephew number 1 about to hunt some Decepticons
Now, back in sunny Reading, I have the office approaching 30 degrees, lots of work, talks and conference papers to write and university politics to deal with. Hurrah. Not the happiest of bunnies. A water pistol fight would have been just the thing to cool off earlier but I don’t think that the cleaner lady would have taken too kindly to gallons of water all over the allen lab.

I like my job (most of the time!) but the south just isn’t appealing. I love my friends down here and we do have the odd bit if fun in amongst work but something is missing. Not sure what that exactly is but I didn’t feel like this in York. I loved York, and its currently rising up the list of places I want to try and find a job come next year.

Also, you can buy potato scones and decent black pudding in York!