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Today is the Solstice, but that hasn’t meant it is pouring down outside. The endless grey doesn’t make for much cheer, so I’ve put together a few links to pretty things to help spread the cheer!

Firstly, fancy some armchair shopping? Need a new bag? Why not have a look at this Folksy shop here: Little M Bags – it makes great use of recycled ribbon, sequins, buttons etc to add some sparkle to your study or shopping.

Do you need a wee creature to help make mischief? These wee guys are so cute and also available from Folksy

If all that crafty stuff has made you want to get out the sewing machine, then how cute are these! SO, they just do childrens patterns but there must be at least one wee person you know who needs something made – Oliver and S patterns

If knitting is more your thing than sewing, then The Yarn Yard is where you can buy handdyed wool from near Edinburgh. I’ve used some to make a secret surprise shawl and baby socks so far, but have plans to use it much more.

We Scottish folk generally aren’t that good at bigging ourselves up, but I’ve had to do it a lot recently in job applications. It makes you feel a wee bit dirty and sell out, so in an effort to prove that slef promotion needn’t always be corporate and cold, you find me now trying out self promotion of a different kind – knitting.

I love knitting. It is awesome. And, if I do say so myself, I’m getting quite good. I like knitting too much though, in some respects. I *have* to be knitting or I get fidgety. This results in a plethora of knitted things around the house that aren’t really for anyone in particular.

I have decided to set up shop, as it were, and clear out these loved but not needed things via Folksy. So, if anyone needs a baby hat\baby socks\grown up knitted things, then let me know or look here –


I should add, someone I don’t know likes my knitting. *Obviously* those who know me love it. My Folksy shop was featured in a Friday blog today – you can see the post here ( I’d almost given up on the Folksy thing since not much sells – I’ve sold more knitting through word of mouth to friends than through the interwebs. I’m not bothered though, since all that ends up in the shop are things I forgot to give/made but were the wrong size for people. Still, it’s nice to be featured.