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*do a happy dance*

I realised I have 102 projects on Ravelry, so here, for you knitting folk, is a run-down. End here if you aren’t interested in knitting!

Works in progress

  • 1 of these is a long term blanket and unlikely to be finished anytime soon.
  • 1 just needs ends sewn in and blocked.
  • 1 just needs some embroidery.
  • 1 just needs a photo but the yarn isn’t playing nice with the camera.
  • only 2 need more knitting done!

Most favourited by others
Most of my projects aresn’t favourited by more than 1 person, if at all, so special mention to the following:

Personal achievements this year include a few lace shawls (for my sister and for a friend), some socks and my first felted project.

I’ve a few big plans for knitting for the rest of this year, and I feel like I’ll need to sign up to a few challenges on Ravelry before the year is out – any ideas?

Today I went to the Ceramic Experience in Leith with Rebecca and Fiona. We got a really good deal as part of Itison and so we weren’t really sure what to expect.

It. was. awesome. Super fun! You pick some unglazed pottery and are then let loose with paints. No time limit and they even sell tea and cake although you can also BYOB!

You can paint the table to test your design, and they have stencils and sponges and stamps, as well as aprons if needed 🙂

My camera decided to delete my photos during upload, but here you can see Rebecca’s tea set and my dino plates.

They look all pastel and cute but these are the unglazed masterpieces – I’ll post the results of glazed goodness as soon as we pick up the pieces in a few days.

Close up of cardi

Originally uploaded by squeejay

One of my friends is expecting a baby girl any day now and so I’ve had to knit. Although I haven’t seen her for years, and thats my fault for moving around the country, i just love baby knitting so had to do something to send.

I chose a simple round neck cardigan, in double knit wool on 4 and 3.25mm needles and then a pair of bootees on 3.25mm needles. If you are on Ravelry, then the projects are linked to my username: squeejay. (—striped-round-neck-cardigan and

I’m happy with them, except the collar on the cardi which I managed to sew on backwards and the spacing of the buttons. I just hope the baby likes them!

Wedding cake(s)!The last month has been pretty busy, so there haven’t been any posts – I’m about to make up for this now.

Let’s start with the Brookes Heggie wedding that happened last month, a gorgeous sunny day in Devon with a gorgeous couple. Laura looked amazing in her ‘film star of old’ style dress, Harry looked like Harry in a tweed suit and my Andy did a great job as best man and looked awesome in his kilt.

There was also fantastic food: roast lamb and summer veg, then three kinds of pudding followed by the wedding cake! Tiered cupcakes topped with a smaller sponge to be cut. I also got ridiculously excited by the mismatched teaset used for the coffee. What an awesome day.

Laura and Harry doing the vows
Mismatched teacups

Some time ago, I was in the BoB pub in Reading with some friends. At the next table was a pair of old men. Nice, homely looking gents just passing the time with a pint. They began to chat quite loudly, and we couldn’t help but overhear them. As they became more and more merry, the chat became more and more serious.

It might have been wrong, but we took some notes. Why? Because what they were saying made *no* sense. Here, for your delectation, are the quotes.

Barbed wire is a sign…don’t go near!

But there’s no sign…don’t go over!

All they’d find is my goolies.


man1: My idea of Egypt is somewhere wet and cold.

man2: Tell me a famous Egyptian woman.

man1: Cleopatra.

man2: Cleopatras a bitch.


Sand, finer than talcum powder .

There are two things I haven’t done with a camel…and I don’t want to .

They graze goats in the trees. Them trees have a special name.

Tree climbing goats?


What I got is outside furniture. I got a bed and a bedside cabinet.

What do you make of that? You couldn’t make it up!

Baby JH and first jumper Roz sent me a picture this morning and here you can see Baby JH modelling my first Knitted Baby Jumper! I made it back in December but he’s only just fitting it now. I’m pleasantly surprised by how good it looks on a real life little person rather than as a flat thing just sewn together. You can’t even see the mistakes! Doesn’t he look fab! Hooray!