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It seems like that last week (actually, last few weeks) have just flown by. Amazingly, I think in a good way!

Managed to move house and unpack without to much disaster, have got more work done than I thought I would and managed to get back in touch with people I was in danger of losing.

Most importantly though, I finally managed to get my xbox profile and saved games back, after trying and forgetting or not having the time etc since Christmas.

Yes, Christmas. So when I loaded up my profile on xbox live last night it told me:

  • I hadn’t been online since November 2009.
  • I last played Fallout in November 2009.
  • I hadn’t played GTA4 or Lego Batman since last summer.
  • Reminded me that I completed Tombraider over a year ago!

All very shocking. I felt the need to remedy that lack of xbox playing rather quickly so much to the annoyance of the OH started on Assassins Creed 2. I’ve not played much yet, so I’ve only done the first few missions up to collecting feathers for my little brother and beating up a guy for cheating on my sister. All very family orientated and lovely so far then. Oh, and I managed to press the right button combination to see my virtual girlfriend Christina strip off  –  I’m guessing there weren’t many girls in the production team. It is a very pretty game and the scenery on a big lcd tv looks awesome.  Tonight after work I hope to actually assassinate someone, in full technicolour goodness.

I caved and bought GTA4 today. I got hooked at the weekend when in Loughborough and thought I wouldn’t need it because Indiana Jones lego is on pre order for a week today – 2 games in a week!

I’m about 5% through so far, and haven’t yet seen much gun action or ladies of the night. This is probably because I still haven’t managed to get the driving thing down yet and crash all the nice shiny cars I steal. I only stopped playing tonight because I’m stuck on a driving mission 😦 trying to chase down a man who hasn’t paid protection money to the mob – nice 🙂

It is such a cool game though, and the weather and lighting effects are really really pretty. I don’t get what all the fuss is about the violence and so on, its just a really well thought out, pretty, open game.

The other really cool thing is the car radio – apparently, Iggy Pop and Karl Lagerfeld do the voices for some of the DJ’s and Iggy chose all the songs. Cool. I’ll rate it when I get it, but right now its running at about a 7 out of 10 🙂