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Sarah Palin. Again. Sorry. This really hacked me off though, even if only partially true.

Matt Damon, whom I previously really couldn’t stand, even the Bourne films I could only just watch, may have redeemed himself. In an interview with the Associated Press , available here, he talks about how he is worried her picking was like a “really bad Disney movie”. Although it is slightly let down by his referring to a hypothetical stand off between Vladimir Putin and Palin, the winning thing about this for me is to do with the Dinosaurs. Apparently, she reckons the dinosaurs were only around 4000 years ago, what with her creationist nonsense!

I’m off to find out more about this, because as Matt Damon says “she’s gonna have the nuclear codes”. Interesting idea. whilst he may still be a mad hollywood actor type, I slightly admire him now – for bringing the subject of dinosaurs up on the big political news!

It’d be nice to shove Palin in a Jurassic Park populated solely by Meatasaurus 🙂