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  1. Archaeology is becoming a decreasingly viable option as a career.
  2. Given point 1, temping is not a bad idea.
  3. Temping in an office means you are always near a kettle and get to wear nice shoes.
  4. It is possible to knit cables without a cable needle (
  5. I really love knitting for myself (shock horror!)
  6. 6. Nigella Kitchen is an awesome book and definitely a must have.

Tis week 6 of Silchester, or week 7 if you include de-backfill. And I’m bloody knackered. This whole 6 day week, 12-15 hour day thing is frankly, crap – and is making for an exceedingly grumpy Emma. And a pie-d up Emma too, what with not really being arsed to cook when I get in late and not having time to go to the gym. Normally, this wouldn’t bother me too much but the bridesmaiding next week may suffer 😦

On the up side, I did buy new make up from the lovely MAC for the wedding, all purple and cute. Tomorrow, on the rare day off, I shall be attempting to find some silver shoes for the ceremony and then some purple converse for the reception. Two legitimate shoe buyings in one day – excellent!

Converse before and after!

I bought new shoes a the weekend. I didn’t get that wonderful warm and glowing new shoe feeling though, as the new ones were exactly the same as an old pair. But, as you can see, the old pair were past it. They even let water into my socks on the way to the new shoe shop. I like how the pink the new ones look but I wonder how long it will last!