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Whilst laid up on the sofa earlier, I was channel flicking through daytime tv in a bid to feel better.

I came across ‘Went the Day Well?’, a patriotic 1942 film about what happens when an English village is occupied by disguised German paratroopers as an advance post for a planned invasion. Despite being obvious propaganda, I thought it was still a passable movie and might still have been if I hadn’t been unable to do anything *but* sit on the sofa.

The plot centres on the fact that the Nazis were able to takeover the village and cut it off from the outside world. The only means of signalling was to a)ring the church bells b)write messages on eggs that would be delivered elsewhere c)a little boy escapes and runs to the next village (and gets shot by the germans, cue the tears from the audience!).

It immediately struck me that it really couldn’t happen now, because one of the villagers forced to hide in the church would have had a phone and texted someone outside, twittered or facebooked. Someone outside would have noticed that noone had updated their status for a day or two, at the least.

Here is the IMDB link to the film,, worth a look if you too are too unwell to get off the sofa or fancy some good old fashioned wartime propganda that sees little old ladies take an axe to a poor german soldier!