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Wedding cake(s)!The last month has been pretty busy, so there haven’t been any posts – I’m about to make up for this now.

Let’s start with the Brookes Heggie wedding that happened last month, a gorgeous sunny day in Devon with a gorgeous couple. Laura looked amazing in her ‘film star of old’ style dress, Harry looked like Harry in a tweed suit and my Andy did a great job as best man and looked awesome in his kilt.

There was also fantastic food: roast lamb and summer veg, then three kinds of pudding followed by the wedding cake! Tiered cupcakes topped with a smaller sponge to be cut. I also got ridiculously excited by the mismatched teaset used for the coffee. What an awesome day.

Laura and Harry doing the vows
Mismatched teacups

Tis week 6 of Silchester, or week 7 if you include de-backfill. And I’m bloody knackered. This whole 6 day week, 12-15 hour day thing is frankly, crap – and is making for an exceedingly grumpy Emma. And a pie-d up Emma too, what with not really being arsed to cook when I get in late and not having time to go to the gym. Normally, this wouldn’t bother me too much but the bridesmaiding next week may suffer 😦

On the up side, I did buy new make up from the lovely MAC for the wedding, all purple and cute. Tomorrow, on the rare day off, I shall be attempting to find some silver shoes for the ceremony and then some purple converse for the reception. Two legitimate shoe buyings in one day – excellent!